8th Meeting of the Asian Organization for Mycoplasmology successfully held online

8th Meeting of the Asian Organization for Mycoplasmology successfully held online

The 8th Meeting of the Asian Organization for Mycoplasmology and the 9th Meeting of the Chinese Organization for Mycoplasmology, jointly organized by the Asian Organization for Mycoplasmology (AOM) and the Chinese Organization for Mycoplasmology (COM), was successfully held through online live broadcasting   from September 25 to 26, 2021.

JAAS President, Prof. Yi Zhongyi, delivered a welcome speech. Chairman of Japanese Organization for Mycoplasmology, Prof. Koichi izumikawa, and chairman of India Organization for Mycoplasmology, Prof. Rama Chaudhary, gave speeches on behalf of the scientists from Japan and India respectively, and introduced their new progress and activities in the field of mycoplasma research. Chairman of AOM, Prof. Shao Guoqing, Secretary-General of AOM and chairman of COM, Prof. Sun Hongmei made keynote speeches during the opening ceremony. Prof. Feng Zhixin of JAAS, executive chairman of the conference, presided over the opening ceremony.

During his speech, JAAS President Yi Zhongyi extended warm welcome to the experts and scholars participating in the meeting. He briefed the 90-year history of JAAS and the progress made in the research of mycoplasma. He pointed out that mycoplasma research is a discipline that JAAS attaches great importance to, and JAAS is currently planning to establish an animal mycoplasma innovation center. He also expressed his wishes to establish cooperation and exchanges with experts and scholars from various countries to better assist in the research of animal mycoplasma, to solve major problems in animal husbandry production, and to make more and greater contributions to the development of mycoplasmology.

The conference has three venues, bringing together 74 experts from different Asian countries and regions to share their insights in mycoplasma research. Experts exchanged the latest research results and research trends in the fields of human, animal, and plant mycoplasmas, and jointly contributed their wisdom to the development of mycoplasma research, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and laboratory testing, etc. During the meeting, the first Outstanding Youth Paper Award, "Pu-Yu Prize", was awarded to eleven young scientists.

As is known to all, mycoplasmosis is directly related to clinical. In order to provide technical support to clinical and assist the development of pig industry, the meeting invited researchers from universities, companies and farms of China to systematically introduce the research progress of the prevention and control technology on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae with 24 lectures, which received high evaluations from the frontline personnel of pig production.

Thanks to the conference, all the Mycoplasmology society is all in learning time. The half-day conference has attracted wide attention from Asian scholars, with a total of 148,500 online attendants. The conference promoted mutual understanding in the field of Asian mycoplasma research and played an important role in the development of mycoplasmology.

The online platform of the conference will remain open, and the replay will be available. The conference proceedings and answers to questions will also be published on the conference website.

The conference website: http://www.aom-nanjing.cn

The replay is available at:

(1) Agricultural Wealth -Xinmu Network (99,000 viewers on the day of the conference)

https://wx.vzan.com/live/tvchat-921527903? v=1630653820607#

(2) Xin Qin Kuang (48,600 viewers on the day of the conference)